Light Topaz Swarovski Crystal Hijab Pin


Swarovski crystals and pearls are special. They are as pure as a mountain stream gushing over minerals, as innocent as the morning dew and as breathtaking to look at as a skyline full of dramatic clouds. In essence that is what hijabs bring to mind: innocent, pure and remarkable.

This collection of hijab pins will finish the look in evening wear and special occasions. And every time you remember the pins on your hijab, you will feel just as special as the crystals and pearls on your pins.


Silver plated 7.5 cm long pin with pin protector
6mm Light Topaz Swarovski crystal bead
6mm Crystal bronze spacer bead
Bronze spacer bead
Length of beading approx. 12mm

The price includes 1 Swarovski Hijab Pin 

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